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2010 Richmond Squirrels Roster


-Boulevardizen | Buttermilk and Molasses | CBS6 |
CNBC | Collegian | Communication at Work | Deadspin | FDHB | NBC12 | | Richmond Baseball | Richmond Grid | Richmond Magazine | RVANews | Times Dispatch (Editorial | Column) | WRIC8 | WRVA
-Richmond banking on power duo: Domino, Parnell ready for Flying Squirrels' particular challenges
-Enough with the stupid team names
-Man Behind "Richmond Flying Squirrels" Speaks Out 
Richmond looks for a name of its own  | WRIC8 | AP
-Baseball team to be named today; Flatheads offensive to some...Flatheads, Swine Flu and Debates Oh My!

RIP Hambones
-"Hambones" Name Dropped After Complaint; NAACP: "Hambones" Is Offensive | CBS6 | Times Dispatch | WRVA
Officials to unveil name choice after 'overwhelming' contest...Trying our hand at baseball team logos

Enter Hush Puppies | Press Release
-Boulevardizen | CBS6 | Mercury News | NBC12 | RVAMag | Times Dispatch | WRVA 
Baseball franchise will be promotionally inventive
Microsoft Word 97’s Clippy Named As Possible Baseball Team Mascot...
Baseball Team Backs Out Of Deal After Seeing List Of ‘Totally Shitty’ Name Choices 

Baseball team’s name game cut to five finalists...Owners stick by finalists in name-the-team contest...
Name the Team 
-Richmond Rock Hoppers
-Richmond Rhinos (RGL Commentary)
-Richmond Flatheads
-Richmond Flying Squirrels
-Richmond Hambones
-Richmond Hush Puppies CNBC’s Minor League Team Name Wildcard Winner...Help Name The Newest Minor League Team! (6th Team)...Second chance to add 6th possibility. 
Richmond Baseball is back and more rad than ever!...My Secret Mission to Save Richmond Baseball...Naming Ain’t Easy… Right?...Vote to name RVA’s new baseball team (Also: WTF?)...The Richmond Hambones?...If You Think the Team Names Are Funny, Read the Comments...Branding Richmond Baseball...'Richmond Rapids' as the next Richmond team?...For baseball team’s mascot, look to the river...Sharp choice for Richmond baseball: the Flatheads 

RGL's semi-serious picks for team name:

(1) Richmond Giant Catfish--Oversized embroidery of mascot on the hat. 5950 brim doubles as the catfish's mouth with whiskers. Sweet. (Note: Flathead? Wrong catfish!)
(2) Richmond United-- As a symbol of regional cooperation.
(3) Virginia Ham Fighters-- An homage to the J-League.
(4) Richmond Purple Martins (hat tip Tobacco Ave)-- Hat could be purple with white bird droppings. see Shockoe Bottom Purple Martins Pissed Since Species Would’ve Made Perfect Name For Baseball Team
(5) Richmond Defenders-- Already got a surplus of the crap. We're recycling the stadium, why not the team name.  The whole gun thing on the logo would be received well here in Virginia.

New Richmond Baseball Website!
-Richmond's New Baseball Team...Richmond baseball franchise starts with name game...Richmond baseball fans excited for new season

Act III Concludes, Fin
Turns out we didn’t need a new stadium to bring baseball back. Who knew?
Upgrades at The Diamond allow time to choose: major renovation or new ballpark?...Who owns this baseball franchise?
Can the City of Richmond Keep Baseball?...Class AA connections freshen up Richmond’s baseball franchise  

It's official: Defenders to Richmond...Eastern League announces relocation for 2010...Giants' Double-A club moving to Richmond (Will link to Giants be long-lasting?)...will spend at least two years at aging Diamond
New Owner Lou DiBella (Twitter: @LouDiBella): DiBella Entertainment (CT Defenders) | Wikipedia 
co-general partners: Gary Green Alliance Baseball, LLC | Harvey Ross Ross Holdings, LLC
Chuck Domino, chief executive manager (Domino relinquishes presidency of R-Phils & IronPigs to lead Richmond franchise...Domino effect will be felt in Richmond...Chuck Domino, top executive for Lehigh Valley IronPigs, takes on added role in Richmond)
-Bill Papierniak, GM (Ex-Cub GM goes to Richmond)
Richmond Media: AP | BizSense | CBS6 | NBC12 (Rachel DePompa’s Blog) | Richmond Times Dispatch (1st Edition | Editorial) | RVANews | WRIC8 | WRVA
-Cooperation key to future of baseball and Diamond...New team owners promise Diamond improvements 
Connecticut/NE Media: Daily News Tribune | The Day (Timeline) | New Britain Herald | Newsday | Norwich Bulletin 
Blogs: Baseball in Richmond | Connecticut Defenders Home Base Blog 
San Francisco Giants Top Prospects: Baseball America (Full Coverage) | SBNation | Baseball Intellect
Teaser: CBS6 | Times Dispatch
Putting Attendance into Perspective:
-2009 Minor League Total Attendance by Team
-2007* Attendance of Diamond: 4,945 (44th Overall, 5th in Eastern League)
note: 2008 was an anomaly as people were boycotting the lame duck Braves | source
-2009 Attendance of the Connecticut Defenders: (91st overall, 11th in Eastern League)
Official denies Senators report
‘Baseball Back’ Announcement Met With People Going About Business As Usual...Top 10 Names for Richmond's New Baseball Team...Just a Few Suggestions
Sources say Eastern League will announce that Defenders are Richmond-bound...Report: Defenders close in on deal to leave Norwich...Defenders' Move Confirmed
Back In Connecticut...
-Packets hint at Defenders relocation
-Sad to see possible final games in Norwich...Defenders deserve fan support 
-Likely final season had its challenges, successes for Defenders

Loupassi advocates study of medical complex in Shockoe Bottom...gains support | CBS6
-Raising the Bottom 
-Shockoe Development: The Bottom, Again 

Richmond Baseball Deadline Comes and Goes...New team for Richmond still in works
Style Cover: Familiar Territory
It’s back to square one — again — for Shockoe Bottom. Why a plan for Richmond’s most historic neighborhood just might stick this time. 
RMA negotiating with Eastern League team on lease...Identification of Richmond’s next baseball franchise possible this week 
-Eastern League primer, and a Richmond baseball timeline since Braves announced they were leaving 

Men’s Health: America’s Top Sports Towns
-As a sports town, Richmond is just D-ifferent
-Survey Says: Richmond Not a Sports Town 
-The best and worst cities for sports (Richmond #92 of 100)

Richmond Fair now to begin Sunday...Richmond Fair will not go on as planned this Sunday 
Security concerns may keep fair out of Richmond... Halted by No Permits From Richmond Police Department
Richmond Fair planned for July 17-26...No Baseball At The Diamond But Maybe A Fair?...Fair Possibly Coming To The Diamond...Fair may be set for Diamond 
-Banana Derby
R-Braves fans still finds ways to get baseball fix

Former mayoral candidate Lawrence Williams revives his vision for Shockoe Bottom — this time with football, not baseball. 
City Residents On Latest Ballpark Plan: ‘For The Holy Love Of God Please Make It Stop’ 
Baseball in Richmond
South of the River
Enter: Manchester
-Add Manchester to the List
-MPW: A riverside Richmond ballpark could work 
-Manchester Pitched As New Ballpark Site 
-baseball for Manchester? 
-Richmond would takeover the World if this happened...
Girls, Girls, There's Enough Room for All of Your Stadiums 
Baseball debate turning into a full season of speculation 
Richmond Baseball: Scorecard  

source: Style Weekly

Analysis of the Proposed Shockoe Center Development
$100,000 (or $850 per page)
-City Releases Ballpark Study
-The death spiral of Shockoe Bottom baseball (SlantBlog 1st Edition)
-MPW: A museum is better for the bottom 
Frustration floods Shockoe...
Though we have much to be thankful for here in Richmond, our inability to complete projects before we move on is uncanny.
Friends of Richmond Baseball 
-Uniting Richmond's Baseball Fans...Charlie's olive branch 
-Diradour still swinging for baseball at The Diamond
-Baseball advocate encourages unity in Richmond
-Announcement on the Future of Richmond Baseball Tomorrow at 10 A.M.
-Baseball Coming to the Diamond Next Year...Is Diradour Supporting Baseball or Running for Office?
New owners willing to make upgrades to The Diamond
Eastern League Still Heading To Richmond...Connecticut Defenders make a lasting impression...Eastern League not yet ready to identify Richmond’s new franchise...Defenders: Parties silent following vote...Future looks bright...
Eastern League planning to take Richmond by storm  
Petersburg Generals filling void for some Richmond-area baseball fans...Home-run attendance at Salem Red Sox games

Richmond Fair now to begin Sunday...Richmond Fair will not go on as planned this Sunday 
Security concerns may keep fair out of Richmond... Halted by No Permits From Richmond Police Department
Richmond Fair planned for July 17-26...No Baseball At The Diamond But Maybe A Fair?...Fair Possibly Coming To The Diamond...Fair may be set for Diamond 
-Banana Derby
R-Braves fans still finds ways to get baseball fix

Act II Concludes...
Tobacco Avenue Has the Final Word...
-Awesome New Parking Lot Planned For Shockoe Bottom 
-New Ballpark Plan Will Hang Streamers, Christmas Lights From Diamond 
-Shockoe Bottom Purple Martins Pissed Since Species Would’ve Made Perfect Name For Baseball Team

Defenders: Va. stadium plan falls apart  
Exclusive: Developers drop Shockoe ballpark project
(and the always entertaining RTD Comments Section!)...Eastern League still committed to Richmond...Overhaul of Diamond is last plan standing 
Highwoods properties suspends Shockoe Center/ Boulevard project...Shockoe Center development deal dead...Fans react to baseball in the Bottom project suspension...I hear the city could announce a new team in three weeks.
Shockoe Bottom Ballpark Plan Dead
Developer Pulling Out Of Bottom Proposal...Boulevard Dead As Well..."Optimistic" About Baseball Next Year  
Highwoods throws in the towel  
shockoe center is dead 
-Extra Innings 
-Baseball in the Bottom - Developers Kill the Proposal - Oh Yeah, and Walk Away from Boulevard Too 
-Help Select Richmond's New Advertising Slogan!!!!

What a Shockoe ballpark would do to 270 years of city planning, and more recent preservation efforts
Robertson's Town Hall Meeting - Davenport & Company Presents  
Conn. franchise and owner, with local partners, a likely scenario for Richmond

The Tipping Point for Shockoe Bottom Baseball...Civic Spirit 

Grammar Police Arrest Velvet Owner Over Anti-Stadium Sign  
No baseball/fireworks at The Diamond on July 4
Ex-councilman opposes baseball in Shockoe...El-Amin Returns
Baseball not envisioned at UR Stadium
...No baseball at UR stadium - THANKFULLY 
Ballpark plans mean big makeover...Transformation theme shared by ballpark plans
-Comparing two of Richmond’s ballpark options
Birds could be losers in Shockoe ballpark proposal  

Opening Day Partners Diamond Renovation Powerpoint
-Independent league is ready to pitch in Richmond...RMA calls plan to transform The Diamond intriguing
G-Braves aiming for great baseball 'experience'  

Time well spent
Connecticut Defenders sale remains on hold

Is Richmond a quality minor-league baseball market?  
Bostic: Economy, stadium situation doomed Defenders deal ...
Chesterfield group has interest in franchise, ballpark
-Rewind: It Takes a Village

Despite dead deal, Defenders likely to still move...Connecticut team owner considers moving here
Short Pump vs. Shockoe
Without stadium plan, baseball investors backed off
-Many pieces to Richmond’s baseball puzzle
Is Richmond Baseball in Jeopardy?...A happy ending could still be in the offing for Richmond's baseball soap opera...Now what?
It’s clear where blame belongs in Defenders debacle
Richmond rumors don't seem to fit SeaWolves
New Britain was on the map this week 
Memphis Stadium Bonds Default
-Rewind: Stadium Stories
MPW: More pressing needs than baseball...High-speed rail, not baseball, is region’s real ticket
Eastern League likely to reach Richmond in ’10...Connecticut owner leaves door open for Richmond Baseball Club
Richmond group strikes out on pitch to buy, move Defenders...
sale to Virginia group is dead...Audio from the Press Conference (AP Story 
-Richmond Reaction: Deal to buy baseball team is dead...Deadline purchase of baseball team expected to pass without a deal (First Edition) | CBS6 | WRVA 

Nolan Ryan’s business looking into Richmond situation
-Nolan Ryan group visiting Richmond today...looks to join Richmond baseball efforts...Checking Out The Market For Possible Franchise Opportunity CT Reaction: 9th inning help for Defenders sale?...Nolan Ryan may buy Connecticut Defenders 
-Baseball Talk Heats Up 
Short Pump offers better site for stadium 
-A Jack Goes Forth Editorial Reply 
Gwinnett Braves have become quite the draw
Baseball Investors Face Full Count
-FanGuy Response...Debate Ensues
-Baseball Debate Getting Ugly 
DiBella, Kirk players to watch in Richmond baseball developments?  

Baseball in the Bottom: Three Ways Forward, Only One Way To Win 

Shockoe Bottom Baseball Rally
Who Owns the CDA Bonds? 
-Another shortfall in sight for a Richmond parking authority 
Diamond Duck: Would You Guys Hurry The Hell Up And Build A Ballpark Already?
Shockoe Center planners lack deal for parking trying to close on Connecticut baseball team...Boys of Summer redux: Richmond is poised to get a new minor-league baseball team 

Act I Concludes...
Ballpark Findings
(PDFs of executive summary and Dwight Jones' remarks) 
-Mixed Signals: Oh, turns out the city will have to pay for it...
The Sinker: Who will pay for it? The nagging question still dogs the Bottom ballpark...Rewind: Ballpark Study: Political Cover for Mayor Jones? 
-Why should private ballparks get money that could be used for other, more important public goods?
-Ballpark plan needs city help, consultants say (First Edition
-Build it, and will they come?...Just Build It, Williams Opines...Michael Paul Williams is a terrible poker player... 
-Study has created another hurdle for sale of Defenders 
-Study says city support needed for ballpark 
-City money and credit needed for ballpark project...Covering the Bases: Baseball in the Bottom 
-Shockoe Ballpark Study 
-Stadium To Require City Funding 
-Shockoe Center backers need fans to spend...Mayor's economic advisors: Richmonders need to eat, drink, smoke, party More 
-Take Me Out to a Ballpark
-MORE Baseball: Shockoe Center Financial Feasibility Report Is Released
-How much for that 'free' baseball stadium? 
-Is Baseball Sliding into the Bottom? 
-Mayor Jones Speaks and releases Davenport report. 
The truths about baseball in Shockoe Bottom...If people can come downtown for Riverrock, graduations, food, business, festivals, then why can't they come for baseball?  
Mr. Baseball’s bull…
Baseball is Done. 
Jones ready to play ball with new stadium release summary of Shockoe-ballpark report today...drumroll, please
-Analysts advocate downtown ballpark  

Richmond-Connecticut baseball deal remains on hold...Richmond expected to get a Double-A team next season...DiBella: Defenders sale not imminent...Obstacles remain to Defenders sale...Stadium won’t be an issue in Defenders’ sale...Business as usual with Connecticut Defenders 
Ballpark issue is topic of Public Square forum
-Public Square debates Shockoe ballpark (Video 1 | Video 2 | More Video/Analysis from Telegraph
Just Get On With It 
-Examining Richmond’s ballpark situation
-Have an Opinion?
The wrong baseball debate
-Ballpark Talk: Pitching Panned (Blog Intro)
-Did Shockoe Baseball Opponents Oppose Tax Credits for Bow Tie?
-Stadium Stupidity: The Debate Drags On
-RTD EXCLUSIVE (ie, print only): Independent experts weigh in on Shockoe ballpark 
-Baseball in the Bottom: "Live" Blogging from the Richmond Times-Dispatch Public Square
-Bottom Ballpark? | Fan of the Fan | River District News
Businessman is passionate advocate for baseball in Richmond
...Give Shockoe Center plan a chance, developer says
Ballpark is bad fit for Bottom, activist argues...Shockoe-stadium foe says plan is bad deal for taxpayers
-Diradour's Anti-Shockoe Bottom Propaganda Machine Ramps Up 
Apparently, the numbers served up by Highwoods are off. 
All's Quiet On Sale Of Defenders...Baseball group nears completion of deal to buy team

Anti-ballpark banner in Shockoe allowed to stay up 
The Great Baseball Debate: Part Deux...Mayor Jones, Where Is That Report?
Shockoe Bottom Is the Best Place for a Ballpark: Yes or No

Anti-ballpark banner in Shockoe allowed to stay up
Acquisition of franchise for Richmond only part of the process

Ballpark Boom  
-Richmond Fed on southeast stadium growth 
PUBLIC SQUARE: Baseball season is in full swing—but not in Richmond
Unanswered Questions about Baseball
...Blog Intro: Developers flee, rather than stand for questions
Braves 1, taxpayers 0...Economic benefits overstated for publicly funded Gwinnett stadium...Braves’ new turf under scrutiny

Fan and Museum District Associations Organize Info Session on Proposed Shockoe Center Ballpark
The First Evening - Sports in Richmond
Tuesday, April 21, 6:30 p.m. 

w Paul Woody (TD), Greg Burton (ESPN 950), Scott Schricker (Sports Backers), Robert Dortch (U- Turn), Jana Ross (UofR)
-Live Blogging “An Evening at Morton’s...Buttermilk and Molasses 
-Live Tweeting via rvatweets (#steakchat) | Facebook

RMA has deal with new team...Baseball Could Soon Be Back in Richmond
-Go ... Us! Name Richmond's New Team 
Baseball and Beer on Broad Street
Gwinnett Braves Inaugural Season Grand Home Opening
Gwinnett Stadium sparkles in home opener
...A night of firsts in brand-new park...Tides spoil Gwinnett's first home game...Richmond perspective 
Michael Pail Williams: Richmond area could have built the Braves a ballpark  

Getting to know the Eastern League

Baseball Stadium Isn’t the Greatest Use for Historic Shockoe 
-The Exploding City 
Doing the Right / Smart Thing...Slave Trade Museum in Shockoe Bottom 
Proposed bus transfer station in Shockoe Bottom meets opposition 
Op/Ed The road ahead for Shockoe Bottom  

Diamond may be home to July 3 baseball celebration of patriotism 
Game on: Who will save the Richmond sports scene? 

Shockoe Center & Boulevard Gateway Website Launches!
Richmond Group Set To Acquire New Baseball Team...Defenders sale likely by May | AP

More Support Behind Shockoe Stadium...Sports Backers support Shockoe Bottom ballpark (Sports Backers
-Press Release
-River District News Discussion

Reflections of Baseball in Richmond...Season without pro baseball is a flashback to 1965 
Ad money shrinking in sports
-Life in the 804 response
Oppose Baseball? The 5 “P”s of effective advocacy
Reflections of Baseball in Richmond...Season without pro baseball is a flashback to 1965

Let Velvet’s anti-stadium sign stay  

PRO and CON: Where will Richmond Play Ball?

-Batter up in The Bottom 
-Play Ball on the Boulevard
-Baseball's Emotional and Financial Game Continues 
Crunching the baseball stadium numbers 
New Market for the First Market 
Fenway and the Salem way 

With Bases Loaded, the City Is at Bat
Richmond tries to revive baseball, but do the numbers add up?
Pie in the Skybox: We, the residents, are in essence being asked to act as bankers....I Support Baseball on the Boulevard
-Style's Weekly Baseball Bash...One Shockoe Center Opponent Had a Busy Week
Where did Bruce Baldwin and his team go for the “Fun Factor”? 

Baseball on the ballot
...Referendum Campaign

Stadium referendum proposed...FanGuy unmasked  
-Baseball in the Bottom - Can't We All Just Get Along OR FanGuy, Play Nice!
Fan Guy: More Baseball Ridiculousness - It Ain't Easy Being Me
-Baseball In The Bottom: Put It Up For A Vote 
Ballpark Study: Political Cover for Mayor Jones?
-Baseball in the Bottom - Hard Data, FINALLY!...Baseball in the Bottom...I'm Only on Page 29.....WAH! 
From the Bottom to the Hill - Part One  

Spending $100,000 of Your Money
City getting independent review on stadium proposal...Firms had backed Bottom stadium 
-Davenport & Co. | Economic Research Associates | Chmura Economics and Analytics
-Ballpark Study: Political Cover for Mayor Jones?
-Ballpark Analysis Conflicts With Shockoe Plan
-Shockoe Baseball Opponents Misleading The Public Again
-Baseball in Richmond? 
-The $100,000 Question 
-Highwoods loses $101.4 Million on announcement 
Union Hill Civic Association votes overwhelmingly in favor of Shockoe Center |
In Connecticut
-Defenders Going, Going -- Almost Gone! 
-Defenders' Lease Assigned To New Owners 
-Norwich council paves way for Defenders to go 
-Norwich waiting on stadium deal 
-Richmond One Step Closer To New Baseball Team (Video) | TD 
Down in Gwinnett County (courtesy of Sabernomics)
-F, Flunk, Failure 
- Watchdog Group Files Ethics Complaint Regarding Gwinnett Stadium
-Gwinnett Tax Increases Pass 
Finally, Just Baseball
-Baseball America SF Giants Prospects | 7.5/10 | #9 Best Farm System
The Diamond Will Not Shine On

-Sale of Conn. baseball team to Richmond group appears to be close
-Richmond Baseball Club set to take over Defender’s lease
-Questions remain about who might replace Defenders in Norwich 
Regional leaders discuss jobs, taxes, baseball
This Week in Baseball Stories...
-Minor-league franchise may be purchased without announcement 
-Baseball in the Bottom - The Zombie Issue of 2009? 
-Baseball Development Misses Key Opportunities (Of Course) 
-While the ballpark debate rages on, plans for a transportation hub in Shockoe Bottom gather steam — and millions in federal funding...Restore Creek in Shockoe Bottom?

No baseball stadium near Shockoe slave jail  

There's No Crying in Baseball
Will taxpayers buy a bridge to bankruptcy? ...Slantblog On Public Funding 
City Funds for Ballpark Drainage Could Top $15 million
Over in the Atlanta Suburbs...
-Stadium close to completion 
-Gwinnett Braves promise good business, good time...Bruce Baldwin Talks Shop 
-Rewind: Why Move the Triple-A Braves to Gwinnett County?

Is Richmond a Sports Town?
The ‘puck’ stops here for Richmond hockey (TD)
Missing: Spiders Fans
-Renegades departure another example that Richmond is not a sports town 
-Wednesday, Feb. 25 11:45 a.m.
PRSA: What does it take to market Richmond as a sports city? (with Allan Harvie) 
-The Woes of Sports Marketing in Richmond 

Style Cover: The Umpire’s New Clothes
How fuzzy math and a litany of contradictions cloud an ambitious plan to bring baseball to Shockoe Bottom.
comments heating up
Hey Style, Your Bias Is Showing (Re: Shockoe Baseball)...I'm Taking a Break From the Baseball Discussion  
Style Weekly: not a fan of baseball in the bottom  

Swiftboating in Shockoe Bottom
Rebuttal to F. T. Rea -- Returning to the Fray
-Slantblog Talks Shockoe Baseball And Sock Puppetry 
It's still Boulevard vs. Shockoe Bottom and both teams have vocal supporters calling the plays 
Minor League Baseball wants progress on stadium plan
Church Hill Association votes NO on Shockoe Center proposal (Times Dispatch)...Sign-ups preceded ballpark vote 
MPW: Mobilization of East End residents may mask political gamesmanship  
A Primer on Tax Increment Financing (TIF) 
Limited Time Offer: Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Defenders on way to Richmond, Va., for 2010 (Final Edition)...Virginia business group working on deal to purchase Connecticut Defenders  (Final Edition)

CT Reaction: Keep baseball alive in Norwich...Is Class A franchise really the answer?
AA team may be coming  
Richmond baseball – 2010 and beyond?
Richmond group applies for permission to buy team
Ballpark Bonds: A Lesson From Broad Street 
Live Blogging Highwoods Baseball Presentation...Part 2
Group seeks baseball team, backer says...Baseball Club chair speaks in support of Shockoe ballpark
-Connecticut's take 
Boulevard or Shockoe Bottom?...Baseball in Richmond 
Baseball in Richmond - Boulevard vs. Bottom, Times.....  
Sierra Club Opposes Shockoe Stadium Proposal
What did THEY say about baseball? 
Playing ball in Shockoe Bottom
Stadium should wait
Baseball in the Bottom - The Suicide Squeeze Has Started
Oh Yeah! Are Shockoe Baseball Supporters Really Drinking the Kool-Aid?
-FanGuy Strikes Out on Baseball in the Bottom - Wanna Rap Battle?
Who knew? Kool-Aid Makes Me "Shrill" and "Mean Spirited"
Jesus, I like him very much, but he no help with curveball
Kinda Related:
Missing: Spiders Fans (Is Richmond really even a sports town?)
Ballpark debate heats up in cyberspace...Baseball issue up in the air, again 
I Support Baseball on the Boulevard | Facebook  
Great first day for Baseball on The Boulevard and the Facebook page!!
Baseball debate heats up again (Official ACORN statement) 
House panel backs Richmond ballpark financing bill...Stadium bills get on base
Spirits in the Outfield
Five years later, the latest ballpark proposal confronts an old foe: Richmond’s slave history 

Ballpark E-mail Misunderstood, Robertson Says...Jonathan Mallard on Ellen Robertson and the FOIA
Refuting Another Ridiculous Argument Against Bottom Baseball 

Richmond’s favorite pastime  
Community meeting will discuss proposed Shockoe ballpark 
Strip club cited for anti-ballpark sign...Grammar Police Arrest Velvet Owner Over Anti-Stadium Sign 
Kinda Related...
Going, going, gone?  
Gwinnett Braves looking for 400 part-time workers at new stadium  
Should bailout money be spent on football games?
Jonathan Mallard on Ellen Robertson and the FOIA  

Shockoe Ballpark, an Economic Retention Basin?

To cover the bonds and make the Shockoe ballpark plan a reality, the developers will need food sales to surpass $30 million, which would rival restaurant sales at Stony Point Fashion Park.  
Out of the Park
A stadium-financing scheme, highly likely if not certain to fail, can be great for the developers of this Shockoe Bottom project while being a total disaster for the taxpayers.
Style Magazine Clearly Sides Against Shockoe Development

One Day After Style articles...
Source says developer has extended Shockoe ballpark deadline...Times Dispatch 

Rally Caps
Facts & Figures for new Shockoe Stadium   
-Baseball in Shockoe Bottom Will Happen! Get on Board! 

Strip Club hangs banner protesting baseball stadium
Proposed Ballpark May Not Be Protected From Wayne Szalinski Experiments  

At the Plate


Shockoe baseball’s sales pitch

Op/Ed: Bottom Falls Out of Baseball Plan
The Baseball Conspiracy Manifesto 
Residents concerned
Ballpark belongs on Boulevard
Revised plan would keep Sports Backers Stadium in place
Shockoe Center Development to be Aired at Public Meeting
Shockoe ballpark reliant on sales taxes
Ballpark Would Dig a Financial Black Hole in Shockoe Bottom
The Score 2008   
Somewhat related: Olympic facility proposed in Chesterfield
Further updates on the Shockoe Center (baseball) proposal
Take Me out to the Ballgame (and Take the Game out of the Diamond)  
Tides hope to bring back the home run at Harbor Park  
Rewind: What if the DBAP were never built?   
Saving the Micropolis  
Rewind: Balls, Sticks, & Stuff  
City Rejected Developer With Triple-A Team
The Case for Baseball Downtown

Baseball in Richmond moving to the back burner
Giving the Mets’ New Ballpark a Bad Name

Don't hold breath waiting for Citigroup's money 
S.I. Pols Say CitField Should be Citi/Taxpayer Field

Gwinnett Chickens Coming Home to Roost
-Officials to discuss cuts at retreat
-Special Report: Richmond Baseball
Baseball in Shockoe Bottom - (aka Can Richmonders Actually Move Forward?) 
I Support Baseball In Shockoe Bottom Facebook Group
Delores McQuinn on Baseball
Loudoun County Supervisors Weigh Plan For Ballpark
Baseball Coming To Loudoun?
Economy threatens sponsor for Gwinnett stadium
An inside look at the race for Gwinnett Braves Stadium to be ready by opening day
Brundage puts Gwinnett Braves coaching staff in place

Highwoods pitches plan to Shockoe Bottom
What should our next baseball team be named?
The Developers Lonely Richmond Brave Diagnosed With Depression
It's not like Pawtucket is anything special, either
Redeveloping the Boulevard - Is Demolition "Green?" AND Baseball in Manchester!
Minor league baseball in Salem gets new identity
-Why does Salem, Va have the best run baseball team in VA?

Richmond's financial officer will take job in private sector...Chief Financial Officer Harry Black Stepping Down
Will the proposed $785 million ballpark and Boulevard development really cost taxpayers only $8 million? Don’t bet on it.  
Is the ‘Curse of Diamond Duck’ over before it took hold? 
Case Study- New Mets and Yankees Stadium: 
As Stadiums’ Costs Swell, Benefits in Question

Case Study- Washington DC
-The Collapse of the Nationals Market 

Case Study- Tax Exempt Bonds:
Tax-exempt bonds part of baseball's growth plan
Stadiums Are Built On Federal Tax Break In our view, this is a very expensive public housing program for millionaires
Also see Field of Schemes
Shockoe Plan Predates Braves Decision

Plans draw cheers; Baldwin: Proposal gives baseball chance to grow in Richmond

MPW: Richmond, we'll need to swing for the fences to bring back baseball
Batter Up! The return of baseball as a political issue 
Highwood's starting lineup 
Richmond Needs Baseball  
Baseball may be leaving Northside 
The Pitch
City unveils development proposals for Shockoe, Boulevard...Hot Discussion on CHPN (same article)
Clock ticks on baseball funding
-Big Front Page TD Story:
Baseball in the Bottom, new look for Boulevard
Richmond's new mayor and City Council will decide the future of professional baseball in the city, as well as two economic-development projects with a combined investment of $785 million.
...Developer outlines plans for baseball in Shockoe Bottom...Richmond leaders to hear about plans for Boulevard
-MPW: Developers of Bottom project walk fine line
-Developers throw Richmond a meatball. Or is it a knuckle ball?  
Baseball as 'family entertainment'
Developer Pitches Plans For New Stadium 
From fiasco to fantasy 
Boulevard or the Bottom: Slave Trail Remains Key Issue 
Last Word, Mayor Wilder: Creating Two New Economic Engines: The Boulevard & Main Street Station
Richmond Baseball Deja Vu
Bottom Ballpark Stirs Up Old Enmities 
Baseball out in Boulevard plan 
Future of Baseball In Richmond
-Missing the Boat on The Bottom Stadium Proposal 
GM says Knights will stay in Charlotte  

They stole our police chief, our banks, our NASCAR museum...Payback Time?!
Ballpark Digest: Knights emerge as leading contender for Richmond; Kirk proposes million-dollar investment in Diamond (you need to scroll down)...Charlotte baseball team might fit in Richmond...Finally, Richmond Steals Something from Charlotte 
Charlotte Knights Moving To Richmond?...Poll: Do you think the Knights would really move to Richmond if extended the invitation?
Charlotte Knights to Richmond? A possible I.L. shakeup
Knights facing delays in return to Charlotte
Hey Richmond, we still have Triple-A baseball in Norfolk  
Politics n Baseball
Mayor Speaks on Baseball in Richmond 
Wilder optimistic about baseball -- flood control, too 
Never Play Ball with a Lame Duck
-Who wants baseball in The Bottom?

City To Give R-Braves Fans Handheld Electronic Baseball Game As Holdover
VBC's Indians become a Brave option  
Eastern League skips Richmond for 2009; city's chances for baseball looking slimmer | Will there be Baseball in Richmond in '09? | Richmond strikes out with Eastern League
Never Play Ball with a Lame Duck
Who wants baseball in The Bottom? 

Former city manager Bob Bobb pitches Diamond plan
Ballpark out of place at site of slave trade
 | History for Baseball 
Pro ball hope in '09 fading 

The Boulevard may not be site for baseball | Baseball In Richmond

The Short-Timer: R-Braves GM Bruce Baldwin recalls highlights of departing team
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Revs' owners eye expansion
A new $40 million ballpark

Surprise: R-Braves’ new stadium in Gwinnett County, GA, to cost 50% more than expected 
-I Told You So  
Given failure on school construction, no justification for using City funds to build a new Baseball Stadium  

R-Braves bid final farewell
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Class A Carolina League team possible for city 

Not winning over its fans; Richmond has division's best record but is last in league in attendance
Level of play a minor poin
t: Minor leagues' VP Purpura says baseball is good in all classes
Minor League Likes Diamond

Local owner sought for baseball team

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Baseball Fan Scorned

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Local owners seeking baseball in Richmond 
How loss could become a gain 
When R-Braves are done, don't balk at bidding baseball adieu

Swan Song Blog

NPR: Field of Dreams

Scott Spiezio Unemployed and still fighting substance abuse

The Players

The Owner:
Richmond Flying Squirrels
| Wikipedia

  • Lou DiBella (Twitter: @LouDiBella): DiBella Entertainment (CT Defenders) | Wikipedia
  • co-general partners 
    • Gary Green Alliance Baseball, LLC
    • Harvey Ross Ross Holdings, LLC.
  • Chuck Domino, chief executive manager
  • Bill Papierniak, GM
  • Todd Parnell, vice president and COO 

The Government 

More Players

Benched/Demoted Players

Opening Day Partners (Powerpoint Pitch for Diamond Renovation)

Reynolds Packaging Group (Manchester and 14th Street)

  • CB Richard Ellis of Virginia

Shockoe Center & Boulevard Gateway Official Website | Analysis of the Proposed Shockoe Center Development

Ryan-Sanders Baseball ?? 

  • Nolan Ryan, Reid Ryan, Don Sanders, partners