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Richmond, VA's Best Hamburger

This list will evolve over time as new restaurants enter, old ones leave or slip.

Of course, meat quality is essential, but there's really not a lot of variation when we're talking about ground beef differences in restaurants (other than hand pressed fresh versus machine pressed frozen and, perhaps, cooking or seasoning technique.  Charbroiled is usually better).  Instead, what makes an exceptional burger are the supporting actors, the bun and the fries.  The freshness of the bread is so essential in completing a hamburger.  It's almost as important as the burger itself! Fries are icing on the cake.  If you think about it, cakes suck without icing.

Name Address
(1) Anthony and George’s 7505 Staples Mill Rd (804) 266-4182
This burger has been climbing my charts...Huge charbroiled fresh ground burger with my favorite hand cut fries in the area.
(2) Starlight 2600 W Main St (804) 254-2667
Soble memorial bacon cheeseburger. Considered a Richmond institution. Not as good as the original; this is just a tribute, you gotta believe. 
(3) Davis & Main 2501 W Main St (804) 353-6641

 Love the seasoning on this fresh big/flat style burger.  The cole slaw is freakin awesome. 

(4) Cuisine’s  9503 W Broad St (804) 747-1000
The Spencer is the best patty melt in town.  Fresh hand cut fries a bonus.  Also, their normal cheeseburger is a steal at $5 on Thursday nights (includes a Fried Pickle!)
(5) Big Al's Sports Bar and Grill 3641F Cox Road (804) 270-4454
Big Al has the area's best sports bar burger.  Though the fresh patty isn't groundbreaking, the bread is incredibly fresh.  Enjoy it responsibly with beer and sports.
(6) Bogart's 443 N Ridge Rd (804) 285-1603

Joe Rossi is an awesome bacon cheeseburger (just the right size) with steak fries. A classic.

Best Takeout Burger in Richmond, Virginia (VA)- Until In'n'Out burgers expands to the east coast, here are my favorite burger takeout joints…
(1) D'Amores (4814 Broad Street Hadensville, VA (804) 457-4941) I realize this place is in BFE.  However, if you are one of the many Richmonders that make a fall migration to Blacksburg or Charlottesville via 64W, I highly recommend this unassuming country store.  Their fresh patty half-pounder "super cheeseburger" is a steal at three bucks and change (includes a small bag of Utz).  It tastes just like a burger you would make at home (and that is high compliment as far as I'm concerned).  Also, ridiculous sized subs on freshly baked Italian (yeah, they have bakery on premise...go figure). Hat tip to Richmond Magazine for discovering this one...
(2) Roy’s Big Burger (5200 Lakeside Ave (804) 262-8775) Old fashioned roadhouse burgers. Contractors and yuppies alike eagerly await their orders outside
(3) Sam's Burger (7301 Brook Rd (804) 553-8616) near the Dump, the Dump, the Dump, Dump, Dump. Brook Road at Lakeside Avenue.
(4) 5 Guys (multiple locations) The East coast wannabe In n Out burger.

Best Burger Specials: Monday Night $1 Burgers at Capital Ale House (downtown, Innsbrook); Monday Night 1/2 off burgers at Strawberry St Cafe (421 N Strawberry St (804) 353-6860); Tuesday Night 1/2 off burgers at Shackleford's (10496 Ridgefield Pkwy (804) 741-9900); Tuesday Night $5 burgers JJ McFarley's 10298 Staples Mill Rd (804) 755-6229, Thursday Night  Cuisines (see above)

Emerging Burgers with Big Potential: Kobe Beef Burger at DeLux 2229 W Main St (804) 353-2424

Favorite burger places in Virginia: Wright's Dairy Rite (346 Greenville Ave Staunton, VA 24401 (540) 886-0435) I love this old fashioned burger/shake shack off of I-81 in Staunton. Ray's Hell Burger (1713 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA 22209 (703) 841-0001) Ray is the KING of beef.  The highest quality burgers at super value prices.
Last thing, every once in a while, you just crave a Whopper, Big Mac, or Wendy's Single (I kind of wish we also had a Kristal's or White Castle) over all these great burgers above.  But you already knew that.


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