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Richmond, VA's Best Hot Dogs 

This list will evolve over time as new restaurants enter, old ones leave or slip.

The worldwide benchmark for hot dogs is in Buffalo.  A charbroiled Ted's Hot Dog (they use Sahlen's) with Ted's hot sauce is the absolute manifestation of hot dog perfection.  Now, with that said, it's amazing how so many good restaurants in Richmond just can't get the hot dog right.  Without naming names (two are actually on my Top 50 list), too many restaurants think that using oversized, mismatched bread and the big girthy franks is the way to go...Wrong! Just the opposite.  A good hot dog ought to be standard size (footlongs are ok as long as they're skinny) with a generic standard, spongey bun (the one exception might be a good butter gridled New England style bun.  If you cut a hotdog in half and put it on a hamburger bun, I just might walk out your establishment).  The focus ought to be on (1) Quality of the hot dog.  Must have natural casing. (2) Cooking methodology (different schools of thought on this) (3) Quality of the toppings (especially the chili...onions also need to be chopped to where they're almost dissolvable to the tongue; think of the garlic in Goodfellas).  That's it.  

Name Address
(1) Melito's  8815 Three Chopt Rd (x Ridge) (804) 285-1899 (West End)

Their two dog and fries plate is a Richmond treasure.  The Melito dog has the perfect trifecta of toppings--chili, mustard, and finely minced onions.  It appears Melito's uses the NY dirty water style to cook their dogs.

(1A) Joey's Hotdogs 10400 Ridgefield Pkwy (inside the Exxon) (West End)
Claims to be the world's best hot dogs since 1939...Not quite, Joey, but you just might be one of the best hot dogs in Richmond.  Its eerie how similar their house dog is to Melito's in regards to toppings.  The main difference is that Joey's griddles their dogs a la Gray Papaya/Nathan's.  Joey's  dogs have that great snap, and the chili gets the bun just the right kind of soggy.  
(3) Table 9  2001 Park Ave (x Meadow) (804) 353-2205 (Fan)
When they first presented this dog upon me, I really wanted to hate it.  The bun was way too cute (see my rules above).  But I guess never judge a book by its cover, as the Table 9 hotdog turned out to be the real thing.  Having potato latkes as a side was strangely good.
(4) Ray's Dog House (Dogs R Us) 401 N 1st St  (x Marshall) (804) 264-7473 (Downtown)
Started off as a humble stand, and has since morphed into a permanent structure on the corner of Marshall and 1st.  Best bet for a good downtown dog. 
(5) The BoardWalk 2106 Henderson Rd (x Broad) (804) 288-4388 (Near West End)
Again, nothing fancy here.  Working man's hot dogs (Thumann's).
For a list of best hot dogs in the country, I would highly recommend visiting Holly Eats or