Yet today I consider myself the luckiest blogger on the face of this earth.


the audience in Richmond are beyond description for rowdyism…treating all the visiting clubs to the vilest abuse.
Delaware Sunday Critic, 1884

A Richmond crowd thinks it their right, if not their duty, to ratify or disapprove the decisions of the umpire; but they ought to nonetheless, always to remember the presence of the ladies.
Richmond Daily Dispatch, 1884

With the announcement of the Flying Squirrels, the Richmond baseball saga has finally…finally ended. Phew. ‘For The Holy Love Of God Please Make It Stop.’ The future is now, so I’m officially closing RGL’s Special Report on the Future of Richmond Baseball.

Been tracking this story since the Braves jilted us for Atlanta Short Pump.  As I said then, Hell hath no fury like a baseball fan scorned. I’m going to settle in with the SF Giants farm at Double AA and boo the shit out of the Greenville Braves when they come into town.  As a baseball fan, elite prospects (for a FULL season) beat washed up Triple AAA injury callup/”I can’t hit curveball, Joboo” any day of the week.  Say it loud, “I am an ULTRA Flying Squirrels Fan!” proud to wear the colors (actually, what are the colors??) and squirrel hat (What are you looking at?).