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Virginia Governor’s Election Cheat Sheet


So here’s my theory on what it takes to win a statewide election in Virginia:

  • If you are a Republican, talk like a Democrat.
  • If you are a Democrat, talk like a Republican.
  • Embrace the Gun.
  • Make sure the President is in the other party. Virginians like balance.

Been tracking Governor’s Race stories for the past couple of months now. This page has become really, really busy with way too many headache inducing links, but it is pretty darn thorough featuring up-to-the minute polls, debate recaps, issue comparisons, and all the big stories.

For the 1-10% of you that are still undecided, here is a Cliffs Notes version featuring the five essential links for this election:

  1. Start with RGL (haha) but hone in on the issues column (middle/second). Pick the top 3 issues that are important to you. Read the official candidate positions and any related newspaper profiles.
  2. Style Weekly’s 17 Questions asked the conventional ones but threw some curveballs. Editor Jason Roop got some interesting off-script answers from both guys.
  3. The Times Dispatch’s Portrait of the Politicians as Young Men: Creigh Deeds | Bob McDonnell I personally love back story.
  4. Virginian Pilot’s Issues Video Series: The style of these videos remind me of the I’m a Mac, I’m a PC commercials. So which one is the PC?
  5. Bob McDonnell’s 1989 Regent University Thesis (broke here)– This story dominated the middle part of this race. For better or for worse, Deeds used the thesis as the centerpiece of his advertising campaign. In fairness, this backwards ass paper did briefly sidetrack McDonnell giving Republicans chest pain when it broke, but in the end, the controversy was presumably just a road bump.

On Election Day

As for Election Day Coverage, here are my picks on who to follow:

  1. Start with RGL’s Twitter List (haha).  This Twitter aggregator follows every single candidate of every single election in Virginia.  In addition, bloggers, journalists, and political organizations round up the feed.  Both parties are represented from each wing (the whole bird).  For breaking news, it doesn’t get any better than Twitter.
  2. Washington Post’s Virginia Politics Blog.  It’s been the gold standard for Virginia political coverage this year.  If you think about it, the Washington Post has been the third biggest player of this election (Thesis, Obama leak/first pre-mortem, etc)
  3. Ryan Nobles is the best political television journalist in Virginia.  His work has exceeded most state newspapers.  Read his blog Decision Virginia and follow the live chat on NBC12.
  4. Bob Holsworth and Larry Sabato. They will break it down, for real.
  5. Poltico’s Virginia Page. They will break it down from a national perspective.

The 37th Hour in Richmond…


New York Times 36 Hours Richmond is like the cicada invading the town every six years.  Thought it might be an interesting exercise to compare the latest writeup to the one penned back in 2003.

2009 2003
Intro Paragraph: Confederacy reference, check. New South reference, check. Richmond CenterStage reference, check. NO James River reference.
Notes: Hyperlinks included. I like how Bergman calls us out on crappy public transportation. He did more boozing and art gallery visiting compared to Olson.
Intro Paragraph: Confederacy reference, check. New South reference, check. James River reference, check.
Notes: No hyperlinks back in 03.  In regards to the attractions, she followed the tried and true trail. It’s interesting to note that all the bars she visited are now closed. Such is the business.


  • The Jefferson 101 West Franklin St
  • Omni Richmond 100 South 12th St
  • The West Bocock House 1107 Grove Ave

The American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar 500 Tredegar St 2 TIME RECOMMENDATION


Jackson Ward




The 17th Street Farmers’ Market 17th and Main

Capitol Square

Civil War Visitors Center 570 Tredegar St

Edgar Allan Poe Museum 1914 East Main St

Museum of the Confederacy 1201 East Clay St

Shockhoe Slip Historic District

  • Glass Roots Gallery 1301 East Cary St CLOSED

James River

  • Richmond Raft 4400 East Main St CLOSED

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden 1800 Lakeside Ave




  • Comfort 200 West Broad St
  • Dining Room at the Berkeley Hotel 1200 East Cary St
  • Perly’s 111 East Grace St
  • Sally Bell’s Kitchen (708 West Grace St


  • Bogart’s 203 North Lombardy St CLOSED
  • Cabo’s Corner Bistro 2053 West Broad St CLOSED
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Yet today I consider myself the luckiest blogger on the face of this earth.


the audience in Richmond are beyond description for rowdyism…treating all the visiting clubs to the vilest abuse.
Delaware Sunday Critic, 1884

A Richmond crowd thinks it their right, if not their duty, to ratify or disapprove the decisions of the umpire; but they ought to nonetheless, always to remember the presence of the ladies.
Richmond Daily Dispatch, 1884

With the announcement of the Flying Squirrels, the Richmond baseball saga has finally…finally ended. Phew. ‘For The Holy Love Of God Please Make It Stop.’ The future is now, so I’m officially closing RGL’s Special Report on the Future of Richmond Baseball.

Been tracking this story since the Braves jilted us for Atlanta Short Pump.  As I said then, Hell hath no fury like a baseball fan scorned. I’m going to settle in with the SF Giants farm at Double AA and boo the shit out of the Greenville Braves when they come into town.  As a baseball fan, elite prospects (for a FULL season) beat washed up Triple AAA injury callup/”I can’t hit curveball, Joboo” any day of the week.  Say it loud, “I am an ULTRA Flying Squirrels Fan!” proud to wear the colors (actually, what are the colors??) and squirrel hat (What are you looking at?).