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Hard News, Politics, Crime

Pirates pick wrong ship to mess with in Indian Ocean
PetSmart sued for $1 million over slippery feces
NASCAR star Jeff Burton for office?
Three UR baseball players face felony charges
Untrue to Form, City Turns Cool With Hip Zoning
Man gets 7 years in attack on woman, 76, outside grocery store
Are there Richmond members of Christian militia accused of plotting to kill cops?
Why has Governor McDonnell set aside $7 million for the state's film industry?
McDonnell on health care, budget cuts and Cuccinelli

Early months show McDonnell’s strategic approach
McDonnell continues to focus on economy 
Va. governor to name team to reshape, shrink operations

Suspected serial killer released
Churches seek an end to influx of refugees
ICE agents bust Norfolk document mill

Richmond School Board Votes Down Amendments to Patrick Henry Charter School  
McDonnell inaugural fund gives $25,000 to charter school  (presents check)...Politicians rally around Richmond charter school 
Richmond School Board will tackle Patrick Henry issues | Patrick Henry developments
Patrick Henry School finds a new home (for now)...may need to use church initially
Richmond charter school picks Henrico teacher as principal
Crusade for Voters president and VP (Antoine Green) step down
...faced fierce opposition from the group because of his role advocating for Richmond’s new Patrick Henry Charter School...resigns after charter schools testimony...'We're going to heal'
-Mark Holmberg Commentary
-Unchartered territory
-Is Time on Patrick Henry's Side?
Crusade showdown could bring shakeup 

Patrick Henry lottery an emotional night for parents...hits snag with policy on siblings
General Assembly/
Charter Schools Stories

Cantor: Threats come from any side of political spectrum
Man arrested for Eric Cantor death threat 
-Cavalier Daily | | | Times Dispatch
-Man Who Threatened Rep. Cantor Had Concealed Handgun Permit
Police say bullet was a stray...Bullet Fired at Cantor’s Window Was ‘Random’ (Background)...Cantor's office would have been hard to target (Background)
-Early Story: Eric Cantor: Republicans threatened, too...calls out Democrats and Kaine...Richmond police investigate shot fired at Cantor's office
-CBSNews | C-ville | Times Dispatch | USA Today
-Commentary: Eric Cantor and the Magic Bullet...Eric Cantor's phony victim story
-Cantor believes threatened because Jewish...Rep. Grayson says Jewish congressman used Nazi tactics
Lynchburg activist posts home address of Perriello’s brother...Gas party? FBI investigates cut line at Perriello home...deemed 'deliberate' vandalism...Obama, DNC use Perriello incident to raise money
Following Cantor and Perriello incidents, windows broken at Albemarle GOP headquarters | Daily Progress
Lawmakers trade charges of 'fanning the flames' of violence...Putting out the flames...The politics of death threats 
-CNN | Fox News | NY Times | WSJ 

As HBO revisits WWII in the Pacific, a Guadalcanal vet recalls the real war of attrition
Four children sent to hospital after being hit by drunk Front Yard 
Thugs tout silence, street justice
Jail contract spurred ruling on minority set-asides
Father searches for answers after son's death in ambush
UR students gather in Forum to discuss racism

Four firms interviewed for market study on coliseum 
-With too-small Coliseum, Richmond can’t get into NCAA 
Richmond seeks to determine future of the Coliseum
Move the Coliseum to the Boulevard
Of Canals and Coliseums

Newport News man charged with possession of 700 pounds of marijuana
Pastor killed, Man arrested following high-speed police chase...Police Charge Man in Deadly Chase-Crash in Church Hill | CHPN
-Suspect in death of pastor faces murder charge
-Richmond's Mayor Wants New Police Chase Guidelines...seeks regional talks on police chases...Richmond mayor wants summit on chases 
-Car in fatal police chase had drugs and gun
-Police chases too risky for community
-Mayor seeks inquiry into police chase procedures...raises questions | NBC12 
-Congregation mourns Church Hill pastor...About Our Pastor: Apostle Anthony L. Taylor...Richmond church mourns its pastor killed during chase  
-March honors life of Richmond pastor killed in police chase | CBS6 
Related: Jot pursuit: Graffiti chase may have violated policy  

VCU Police Say Items Found Near James River Belong to Missing Student...Search continues for VCU student...No new clues on day two of river search for Jonathan Dorey
-8News | CBS6 | NBC12 | Times Dispatch
-More Jonny Dorey

Dealer calls W&M drug use widespread
ABC appointee represented Richmond strip club owner
Stafford to get armored vehicle
Woman says she was attacked while shopping at Walmart
D.C. looks to state programs for answers on medical marijuana
Richmond Police try to stop teen parties before they start
Mayor Dwight Jones releases his $637 million budget...calls for no cuts to services or pay raises...Focuses On Revenue
-Breaking Down Richmond’s Budget

Style Cover: Party Crasher
...Gov. Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli now find themselves in a battle for the soul of the GOP.
Cuccinelli sues federal government to stop health-care reform bill | Full Papers
Ryan Nobles and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

Mark Holmberg and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

Driver killed in road race identified by Virginia State Police
The Case for a Bike Friendly Richmond
Virginia Tech receives messages threatening second campus attack...Police confirm no new incidents in relation to online threats
Black entrepreneurs in Richmond face new challenges 
-Two entrepreneurs endure long hours as they juggle jobs, duties 
-Jackson Ward hopes for revival 

'Golden age' of pawn shops
Bidders flock to auctions of self-storage lockers' contents 

Hospitals taking more steps to prevent infections
Richmond-Hampton Roads rail plan gains speed
-$63,000 conversation: Lobbying or search for light-rail consensus?

Crisis and Command: Executive Power from George Washington to George W. Bush (John Yoo, UVA Miller Center Lecture)
-Incivility or Death
-It's Not Me. It's Yoo.
-Uncivil discourse...John Yoo shouted down frequently at Miller Center forum, protested at UVA...Yoo defends harsh methods
-Book festival author condemns Bush, Yoo

Judge upholds Richmond City Council condominium decision | NBC12 | CHPN Discussion 
Smoking law drags some places down
Thieves use crawl space to steal items
Low flyover lands two Oceana pilots in hot water
Richmond police seek 2 for knocking out teeth with pliers
Teenager receives 100-year sentence for Matko murder | Times Dispatch 
Richmond police seek 2 for knocking out teeth with pliers | NBC12
McDonnell responds to student concerns in Sabato class lecture
Budget outlook brighter for localities in Richmond area
While the city struggles to coordinate a $3.3 million sign program, Ralph White takes matters into his own hands.
McDonnell re-opens eight rest stops across Virginia for business; more are scheduled
Moving carrier from Norfolk to Naval Station Mayport could start trend
Dan and Gil Harrington speak at John Paul Jones Arena five months after Morgan's disappearance...Speak to her Murderer...discuss frustrations with case 
-Morgan Harrington bones were shattered...Harringtons say Morgan’s killer is “violent, sadistic”...Police have not confirmed condition of Harrington’s remains, murderer’s gender
Legislature passes resolution in honor of Harrington

Help Find Jonny Dorey
| Flyer
Hotline: 804.828.6409
-Parents of Missing VCU Student Issue Statement 
-VCU Police Looking for Student; Reward Reaches $10,000 | Guernsey Press and Star 
-VCU Offers Reward for Information Leading to the Location of Missing Student | BBC | Sky News | Times Dispatch
VCU Police Release Additional Details About a Missing Exchange Student’s Bicycle | Times Dispatch
‘Sightings’ of missing Jonny prove false
Missing VCU student's family plans search by bicycle
Search for Jonny spreads to coast...Cyclists, runners search for missing VCU student...Fears mount
-CBS6 (CBS National) | Daily Mail
Search for Jonny picks up its pace...Manhunt launched for missing British student Jonathan Dorey...Mass Bike Trail Search For Missing UK Student 
Prayers said in Guernsey for student missing in US...Missing Jonny's friends bombard BBC Radio One
Email lead in search for missing student Jonny...discussed possible travel
British student's parents fly to US to search for missing son

Search for missing exchange student expands
-VCU Student Still Missing...Search continues 
-Body found on riverbank not that of missing VCU student

Azerbaijani court rejects Hajizada’s most recent appeal

-Attorney General responds to audio recording captured during 2009 campaign 
-Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia Attorney General, Clarifies Obama Birther Statements 

Time is now for high-speed rail from Richmond to DC
-AP: Virginia Assembly OKs 2-year, $70 billion budget
-Washington Post: Schools, health care, public safety lose millions in Va. budget
-Virginian Pilot: Virginia budget fallout: Losers and winners...State budget still headed for rocks
-Times Dispatch: Lawmakers approve two-year, $70 billion budget...About the budget...McDonnell claims an 80% success rate in assembly
-Daily Press: Virginia lawmakers approve slimmed-down state budget
-Roanoke Times: State slashes public services

Virginia lawmakers reach agreement on budget
...reach budget deal after midnight...$70 billon budget with deep cuts...Legislators will vote on Virginia's budget plan at 5 p.m. Sunday
How key legislation fared this year
Virginia legislators say they might reach a budget deal on Saturday
...House and Senate negotiators say budget deal is close

Police seek clues after man is shot through window (Twin Hickory!)
VCU Police arrest theft suspect, recover thousands in electronics
Mayor: Don’t name summer-jobs program for me
Style Cover: Blurring the Lines
Meet the new faces of poverty: young, Latino, out of work and living in the counties.  
Who's cutting electrical lines in Richmond?
D.C.’s Approach To Homelessness: ‘It’s Still Big Buildings Full of People’
Newport News man's abrupt court exit Tuesday upsets local Moorish community

Executive Directive No. 1: Standard of Conduct for Cabinet Members, Executive Branch Agency Heads, Managers, Supervisors and Employees Concerning Employment Discrimination (PDF, 67kb)
-AP | Chronicle of Higher Education | Collegiate Times | NBC29 | Roanoke Times | Times Dispatch (First Edition) | USA Today | Virginian Pilot | Washington Post (Blog)
-McDonnell says he’s done enough to protect gays...No special counsel to enforce directive banning discrimination against gays 
-Virginia Is for Lovers. But How About Gay Ones? 
Gay rights' surprise ally
-McDonnell's Massive, Sudden U-Turn On Gay Rights 
-Response to the McDonnell executive directive
-For McDonnell, rights directive is 'balancing act'...Making Bob McDonnell look moderate ...Bias dispute knocks McDonnell off stride

Daily Show: Gaywatch - Virginia Edition

Virginia attorney general to colleges: End gay protections
(Full Letter) | CNS | NBCWashington | Style Weekly
-Cuccinelli not giving in on colleges' gay bias policies...Attorney General Responds 
-Gay-rights groups assail AG’s opinion on bias 
-Cuccinelli Letter At Center Of Controversy 
-Va. college students lash back at Cuccinelli position on gay rights...Irate... Students Fight State’s Attorney General...Universities respond to Cuccinelli letter | College, Inc
-Cuccinelli position on university policies on gays draws praise, criticism...letter draws fire nationally
-Former Gov. Baliles challenges Cuccinelli on college gay policies 
Effort to restore protection for gay state employees fails | Times Dispatch | Washington Post
-McDonnell pledges not to discriminate, backs Cuccinelli's legal reasoning on gays
Editorial Reaction
-Daily Press: Bigotry against gays is no utopian Virginia...As Cuccinelli shows his stripes, what was Virginia thinking? 
-Daily Progress: Still no license to discriminate
-Falls Church News-Press: Virginia Newspaper Editor Denounces Anti-Gay Action By State's Attorney General...The Cuccinelli Awakening
-Gay RVA: On Not Saying Please or Thank you to Republicans 
-News and Messenger: Opening up a can of worms 
-Roanoke Times: Attorny General Cuccinelli v. justice for gays 
-Staunton News Leader: Legal opinion on discrimination is frightening to all...Discrimination must end 
-Times Dispatch: Cuccinelli’s Insult: In Writing...There’s Nothing Funny About This Cucci Coup 
-U.S. News & World Report: Virginia Republicans Back to Gay Bashing and Bedroom Policing 
-Virginia Gazette: Are we living the thesis?
-Virginian Pilot: Bigotry or inclusion? The choice for Va....Fairness, jobs threatened by stance on gays
-Washington Post: In Virginia, legalized discrimination is alive and well...Letters to the Editor (Rewind: Mr. Cuccinelli's bigotry)
School Reaction
-JMU: McDonnell Overrides Cuccinelli On College Nondiscrimination 
-UVA: Gay community awaits UVa response to letter...Casteen rebukes Attorney General's letter on gays  | Cavalier Daily | NBC29 
-Va Tech: Student Government Association 
-VCU: VCU forum speakers assail Cuccinelli...Defy Cuccinelli’s advice, VCU community says...Students Organize Rally for Today at Noon...More than 1000 protest Cuccinelli at VCU | Commonwealth Times | to Capitol follows anti-Cuccinelli protest at VCU 
-William and Mary: State may have pushed LGBT policy change...Students fired up over anti-gay letter

Noise Ordinance Backlash Cranks Up
Headphones no longer to be illegal in Colonial Heights 

Report: Faculty at Norfolk school told to cheat; whistle-blower rebuked...Attorney says city withholding evidence in Norfolk cheating scandal 
What's stopping Virginia from joining the movement to legalize marijuana?
Richmond City Council will consider Tax Increase
Who Should Control Animal Control?...Richmond City Council delays vote on reassigning animal control
Threat charge against Richmond strip-club owner is withdrawn
New management at Club Velvet as owner fights for liquor license
Richmond strip club appeals revocation of alcohol license...Controversial Richmond Adult-Nightclub Owner Sam Moore Fights for His Liquor License 
Newport News could lose more money from sale of King William Reservoir land
Coffee Party Gets Down To Business, Encourages .Gov To Follow Suit...Coffee Party activists say their civic brew's a tastier choice than Tea Party's 
-Still brewing 

As Blackwater details emerge, Xe looks for clean start
Future of InBev brewery looks vulnerable...Layoffs expected at brewery 

Top 10 Things to Do with Bus Barn
Police officer judgment key in high-stress incidents
Some restaurants snubbing the smoking ban...Smoking Ban Violators Could Face Liquor License Revocation
Beer Truck Crashes On Ramp to I-95

Governor declares 'pothole blitz'...Heavy, Repeated Snowfalls Lead to Richmond Sinkhole
-In the long run, potholes may let us see how vulnerable our silly choices for developing the metro area have been 
-While politicians focus on potholes, a bigger problem emerges: How to fix a broken highway-funding system
-Virginia's war on potholes continues  
Paying for Pothole Damage...Don't expect Richmond to pay
Web site helps alert localities to Richmond-area potholes...Pothole Websites Causing Problems For VDOT (video)
Reporting a pothole
Story About Potholes Phoned In
Snow-removal costs hit VDOT hard

McDonnell lists his House and Senate budget concerns...proposes budget compromises...considering two special sessions  
-McDonnell meets with budget negotiators, again
-Virginia budget negotiators make little progress 
Fee increases appear likely amid Virginia's budget shortfall

Fighting Blight...Audit recommends rental-housing inspections in Richmond...City responds
-Is Richmond doing enough to crack down on neighborhood blight? 

Local record store, Plan 9 Music (WILLIAMSBURG), closed
Gun bills may be shot down in special Va. subcommittee...Senate gun-bill panel likely a firing squad 
-McDonnell criticizes ‘kill bill’ subcommittees
-Virginia Senate panel kills proposal targeting gun restriction | The Hook
Cheers! Va. Bar Patrons May Soon Be Packing Heat
-Concealed Carrying and Drinking- Who Will Enforce New Law?
Shooting holes in theories about Virginia gun sales

Va. Senate passes governor's plan to expand charter schools  

McDonnell steps up support for Richmond charter school
...Patrick Henry School: Gubernatorial support...Committee advances governor's charter school bill...Senate panel backs McDonnell on charter schools
-Cuccinelli weighs in on Patrick Henry School...Loupassi asks Cuccinelli about city charter school

McDonnell education initiatives go before panel
...Senate postpones vote
Richmond mayor backs McDonnell proposal to create lab schools...Richmond councilman lends support to charter school
MPW: McDonnell's charter schools plan isn't the answer
Time to Bring On the Bigger Dogs ... 

McDonnell's charter school plan faces resistance from local officials...plan faces major test

Tan, Rested, and Ready

-CBS6 (Blog | LiveChat)
-NBC12 (Blog)
-WRIC8 (Doppler Radar)  

Chesterfield Man Shot In Bank Parking Lot

Features, Entertainment, Life

Inside Richmond's Actor's Studio...Richmond-raised actors to share some wisdom 
Manager: Squirrels' prospect list could rival Great Eight
Squirrels plan to be nesting at The Diamond for several years 
Flying Squirrels get local investor...Callaghan is local link for Squirrels’ ownership team

Peter Chang Chronicles:
I'm being told that vagabond chef Peter Chang will be returning in a few months with a restaurant in Short Pump, in Richmond's West End...Chang watch: the chef has landed  
America's Most Wanted Chef: Peter Chang 
or maybe McLean
-New Peter Chang Restaurant opening in McLean, VA...April Fools!
Enter Richmond?!?

-A mysterious Szechwan chef sends tongues wagging (Scouting Short Pump?)
Hello Atlanta
Peter Chang is Back! (Tasty China Marietta, GA)...Restaurant Review: Peter Chang back at Tasty China (for now at least!) (via)...Chasing Chang...The downside of being a foodie
Goodbye Charlottesville
-The Chang effect: Wooing palates, breaking hearts— and why he left 
-Chang Gang...Part 2
-Chef Peter Chang Disappears Again
-Taste of China chef Peter Chang is gone...Peter Chang has left the building
Hello Charlottesville
-Todd Kliman Chases the Perfect Chef (via)
-Taste of China: The hottest ticket in town
-New Yorker features local restaurant, chef...New Yorker: "Where’s Chang?"
-Pick of the Day: Peter Chang, in stereo
-Taste of China 612 Albemarle Square Charlottesville, VA 22901 (434) 975-6688
Chef Peter Chang on Twitter (Satire) 

Football at VCU?
Riding a three-year high and playing in a new campus stadium, University of Richmond football aims for something bigger 

Wilco in Richmond
-Reviews: Butter Room | The Middle 8 | Richmond Rambler (sort of) | RVA Mag | RVANews | Style Weekly | Times Dispatch 
-Saturday's Durham Show 

Animal Commonwealth
Monkey in Chesapeake bites his owner ... again | Virginian Pilot
Dispute involving dog leads to man's arrest
A three-time Iditarod racer tells a rapt Roanoke audience about dogs, snow, raw meat, endurance and racing.
Va. Beach aquarium anticipating rare crocodile sex

Abandoned puppy skin and bones
Win $250: "You Are Very Richmond If ..." 
Chris Brown's past creates party problems
Meow! Soulja Boy And Chris Brown Get Catty On Twitter! 

Brawl overblown? Teen disputes Fashion Square claims 
Charlottesville mall rumble was planned on Web sites | NBC29 | Newsplex 
-If they took CTS to the brawl, how’d they return?
Security guard's gun use at Valley View Mall called 'crazy'...Store guard who fired gun at Valley View Mall was not authorized to be armed 

Beach weighs subsidies, private help to save ailing golf courses

National Cherry Blossom Festival

Washingtonian Guide to Seeing Cherry Blossoms in DC
Washington Post Guide
Navigating D.C. at blossom time
Audio Tour
-Picture perfect blooms
-History: D.C.'s cherry blossoms and the sad story of Japanese family | Some cherry trees gave their lives for Jefferson Memorial
Best Place To View Cherry Blossoms
More Coverage: Baltimore Sun | FoxDC | Money Times 

Hampton Roads Taste Test: Great gyros!
Obligatory Monument Avenue 10K Story
Reta, Smith top fields in Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K
Silly Costumes: | RVANews | Times Dispatch 

Nyerges eager to guide transformed Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
A bank glitch leaves a Chesterfield family with billions
Design work for Civil War trail begins

Reliving a drama: Film by Hampton's James for ESPN explores effects of 1993 Iverson trial, conviction
...Race is focus of Allen Iverson film
Vick, Brooks want best for Iverson  

Stephen A. Smith: Iverson needs more than a prayer | ESPN
-For Iverson, the Answer Rests in the Past 
-Allen Iverson's business manager: Iverson's in trouble, pray for him
-Official Statement via Twitter

March 25-28, 2010
VCU French Film Festival
| Press Release
-Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Richmond Announce the 18th Annual French Film Festival
-Collegian | Commonwealth Times (Schedule) | | RVANews | Style Weekly | Times Dispatch
-You've Been Spotted at the French Film Festival 
-Remembrance of Cinema Past...Strike Up the Band
-Festival founders, directors to receive France's highest arts honor

More Film News... 
Virginia Film Festival sets dates, changes its format...theme(lessness) 
Fans can celebrate The Dude at The Shadowbox grand opening 
Rewind: James River Film Festival Recap

Foodie Friday 
...The End of Ukrop's
Biscuits & Gravy Throwdown: Vegan vs. Meat
The Big 2 Reviews: Style Weekly on Bonvenu | Times Dispatch on Pie
The News:
Dish (The Grill at Patterson & Libby,etc) | Short Order (A Manchester mouthful, etc) | Table talk (Easter reservations)
The Deals:
Eat Beat: Cheap Date Nights | RVANews Restaurant Specials M T W R F S S
How the city’s meals-tax hike six years ago became a heavy burden on struggling restaurants
March 25: NBC12 Restaurant Report 
Food company sees Richmond area as base for growth
World Beer Fest Preview...World Beer Festival Coming to Richmond 
Vintage winemaker still looking for 'next big fad'
Homegrown entrepreneurs show off specialty foods
-DC/NOVA: Washington City Paper: Best of DC...Who’s in the Running for a James Beard Award? (Full Results)
-Charlottesville: The Chang effect: Wooing palates, breaking hearts— and why he left ...Taste of China chef Peter Chang is gone...Peter Chang is Back! (Tasty China Marietta, GA)...Chang Gang  
Fredericksburg bringing new organization to downtown farmers market  
-Gordonsville (Hottest Restaurant in DC?):
Labor of love: Top chef tackles review | The Barbeque Exchange Gordonsville, VA 
‘Whatcha Got Cookin?’ | Newport Pig Cooking contest
Norfolk soul food place serves up chitlins 
-Petersburg: Demolition Coffee Blasts Into Petersburg...Demolition key in building of coffee house

Busch Gardens opens today | Va Pilot 
-Busch Gardens offers discounts through Twitter

Federal Club members want to buy Hanover golf course...Clock ticks down
PETA to pay 'octomom' to put sign in yard
Animal rescue groups unite to save homeless pets
Casting for God: Searching for the Next Megan Fox
Explore! Chasing history in Charles City County makes for a great day
Wet weather could bring waiting for farmers
A new generation of local (Charlottesville) gardeners help you rediscover your roots
Isle of Wight farm family remembers the past with each spring planting
Local fields still unplanted after wet winter

Co-owner of Franco's Fine Clothier has thrived amid challenges  

Colorful clothier creates ties that link customers to store

-Peter Blair
Shop Local

As oyster war heats up, Maryland cracks down on poachers
Six Ounces of Love: Virginia Wine by the Glass
Virginia kicks off week-long wine celebration 

Animal Dominion Monday
The hot doggie--a Dachshund that once fit in a hot dog bun--belongs to a Spotsylvania County resident 
Is My Dog Racist? 
Monkey bites owner after tail is stepped on
Federal bill aims to raise wild-horse count in region

March 27, 2010
-Va. marks 40th anniversary of Secretariat’s birth
-A charmed farm gave birth to a champion: Secretariat

It’s a Wonderful Life ...Mark Linkous: 1962-2010
Band of Brothers: No one knew the late Mark Linkous better than his brother, Matt
-Never Published Interview w Mark Linkous

Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous Takes Own Life
-Local: 8News | Buttermilk & Molasses | C-ville | The Hook | One Way Richmond | | RVA | Scenic Recovery | Times Dispatch/AP
-National: All About Jazz | Baltimore Sun | Daily Sward Roundup | Chicago Sun Times | EW | LA Times | NPR | NY Daily News | NYT | Variety | What's Up in Music
-UK: BBC | Guardian | Spectator
-Official Statement
-Why Mark Linkous Was A Genius
-RIP Mark Linkous: Beautiful and Crazy
-Mark Linkous, A Flawed Hero
-Mark Linkous wrote gorgeous songs but could never find the beauty in life 
-Mark Linkous's life was one Dark Night Of The Soul...Artists like Sparklehorse need a space to be heard 
-Artists React to the Death of Sparklehorse's Mark Linkous...Mark Linkous Tributes Pour In...Ed Harcourt Remembers Mark Linkous Of Sparklehorse...Patti Smith - Smith And Drozd Join Tributes To Linkous...Radiohead pay tribute to Sparklehorse's Mark Linkous...The Flaming Lips Honour Linkous At Sxsw...Lowery remembers Linkous
-Grip Monthly: Here Comes The Painbird: A Talk with Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous 
-The Hook: He sparkles: The sad and beautiful world of Mark Linkous The Wonderful World Of Sparklehorse
-Richmond Magazine: Saint of Lost Causes

Church Hill Irish Festival welcomes spring to Richmond
Area welcomes spring after an unusually harsh winter
The Truly Awful Thing About the Cupcake Craze: The Wasteful Packaging
After 70 years, Cook's Seafood in Gloucester shuts down
Vick party moved to Blurr
On TV show, Vick says brother did wave gun in '06 incident 

Month of the Film Fest:

March 19-25, 2010 
17th Annual James River Film Festival
-AP | Firehouse | Kozmicdogz Breaks Loose | One Way Richmond | | RVAMag
- James River Film Festival turns 17 without new special effects, but plenty of independent reasons to go
-James River Film Festival a community event
-Establishing Shot...Forgetting Fugazi 
-Virginia TV Horror Hosts Rise Again at the Byrd...FANGORIA Celebrates TV Horror Hosts in Virginia | Virginia Creepers: The Horror Host Tradition of the Old Dominion 
-Reviews: Reeling in Richmond, Part I | Part II...One Fine Day: Dishing, Fishing and Hotel X

History Sunday
Protecting local Civil War sites is an ongoing battle...Lincoln, Grant meet again at City Point park
Why Richmond, Why?!?: History Edition
Re-enactors bring historical military methods to Jamestown
The Salisbury Post (NC) Visits Richmond
-Hollywood Cemetery 
-In downtown Richmond, Confederate scenes come to life 

Music Sunday
Taylor Swift charms Charlottesville crowd | Photos from Taylor Swift at JPJ
Floyd County resident Arthur Conner has spent 45 years skillfully producing fiddles for some of the finest musicians around. 
Virginia Beach venue (Verizon Wireless amphitheater) no longer carries corporate name
Musicians say they are misunderstood
Locals musicians band together to help Back Bay 

Kayaker's action DVD funds Texas-to-Virginia trek
This Week in Food... 

Style Weekly's State of the Plate 2010

-Restaurant of the Year: Acacia Mid-town | Website
-Best Comeback: Lemaire at the Jefferson Hotel | Website  
-Best New Restaurant/Best Design: Balliceaux | Website
-Best Menu: Cafe Rustica
-Best Team Service: Chez Foushee | Website
Things our critics want to see more or less of in Richmond restaurants
Richmond Magazine Best & Worst 2009: Food & Drink 

NBC12 Restaurant Report
A Glimpse Inside Bellytimber Tavern
-DC/NOVA: The Habit of Change at Sticky Rice...An Early Look at Rogue States (With Menus) 
-Cville: Taste of China: The hottest ticket in town
-Fredericksburg: Eatery planning on train station 
-Hampton Roads: Eating your way to good health in Hampton Roads is getting easier as options for sustainable agriculture continue to grow...A burger with George Washington? Only in Williamsburg

Mar 17-21, 2010
Virginia Festival of the Book  
-New Dominion Bookshop a vital part of festival
-Sweet 16: 16th Book Fest; 16 lit picks 
-Highlights for the 2010 Festival of the Book
-SBC Writers Contribute to Virginia Festival of the Book

Goodbye Connecticut
Monster miracle? Injured emcee should make ‘full recovery’
75 Things Every Richmonder Should Do
365 Things to do Around Richmond Virginia  

Richmond upset in first round of NCAA Tournament...St. Mary’s Flexes Muscles In a Soft Region....UR couldn't match up with Gaels
No more upsets in plans for favored Richmond...Unusual styles point to edge for UR in NCAA opener
UR's Anderson tops T-D men's basketball team
Richmond earns 7th seed, faces Saint Mary’s in Providence

Critical first steps in Royal Ahold's takeover of Ukrop's Super Markets will determine its success
Monday Q&A: Grocery industry insider

-Will Martin’s signal sour end for wine shops?

Hampton hires Yoda sculptor to commemorate its 400th anniversary
Prodigal stallion was off horsing around
Woman and her dog to get seat belt award in Portsmouth

Regional Spelling Bee Winners

Times Dispatch (Richmond)
-Championship Words: peevish, escrow
-Winner: Ryan Oppenheim, Robious Middle School, Chesterfield County, 26 Rounds
-Runner-Up: Aditya Kannoth, Three Chopt Elementary School  
Daily Progress (Charlottesville):
-Championship Word: finesse
-Winner: Sarah Anne Allen, homeschool, Waynesboro 
-Runner-Up: Indigo Adler, Tandem Friends School, Albemarle County
Free Lance Start (Fredericksburg):
-Championship Words: alkali, hollandaise
-Winner: Matthew Zisi, homeschool, 38 rounds
-Runner-Up: Yanni Fallon 
News & Advance (Lynchburg)
-Championship Words: knish, homburg
-Winner: Mary-Michael Robertson, Altavista Combined School, Altavista, 25 Rounds
-Runner-Up: Amelia Harrington, Liberty Christian Academy 
News & Messenger (Prince William County):
-Championship Words: ethnocentric

-Winner: Deborah Horton, homeschool, Gainesville
-Runner-Up: Marie Mach 
Roanoke Times (Roanoke)
-Championship Words: cappelletti, schipperke 
-Winner: Amelia Wentzel, Bedford Middle School, Bedford, 21 Rounds
-Runner-Up: Mattie Clear, Smyth County 
Virginia Pilot (Hampton Roads):
-Championship Words: osprey
-Winner: Walter Francis, Southhampton Middle School, Courtland
-Runner-Up: Elizabeth Elia, Forest Glen Middle School, Suffolk 

Hold it: Group opposes restrooms at Corolla beach
It's no walk in the park: Ranger recounts life on the job
Animal Commonwealth
Eastern Shore residents report mountain lion sightings

That’s A Lot of Dog Sh*t!

Are menhaden being overfished in the bay?...VA legislators kill bills to transfer menhaden management to VMRC
Experimental bat colony fails to take flight  
Endangered status for loggerheads pushed

Rescued seal is released into ocean at Virginia Beach

Being black at (the University of) Richmond: the whole truth...To those offended by Isaiah Bailey’s poem 
Six months in: CenterStage offers a lesson in growth
2 Civil War conferences planned...Civil War seminar to explore evolution of cavalry 
This Week in Food 

Top Chef in D.C. Edition

REWIND--Richmonders Audition for Top Chef
-The D.C. Richmond Top Chef auditions
-Will D.C. Richmond be represented on 'Top Chef' again?
-Who Showed Up at the Top Chef Auditions?

Hide and Speak: Unmarked doors, passwords, exclusive elegance: The speakeasy is back, serving up carefully crafted cocktails with Jazz Age ambience.
House of Marinara: The Marinara’s Top 20
Five days till our critics reveal their Restaurant of the Year (and more)....RGL's Opening Line
The Olio Food Blogger Meetup
-A Gathering of Food Bloggers
-Eating Bird Food: Firsts 
-One Couple's Kitchen: Olio Richmond Review & Foodie Meet Up 
-Richmond, Food for Thought: A great night at Olio
-River City Food and Wine: A Big Shout Out to RVA Foodie and All of You Fabulous Eating Richmond Bloggers!

Whatta Burger! Richmond Magazine's Best Hamburgers
The problem with Richmond restaurants...
Lunch Cart Guide 

VCU Vegetarian Club takes action against McDonald’s...The Campaign for Vegetarian License Plates 
Latest NBC12 Restaurant Report
The 2 BIG Reviews: Style Weekly on Barrel ThiefTimes Dispatch on Shula's | More Reviews
-DC/NOVA: Petra Grill too good for a food court...Enzo Fargione Fired from Teatro Goldoni...What Are the Best and Worst Restaurant Names?
-Cville: Coffee clash...Charlottesville Says Goodbye To Two Of Our Best 
-Hampton Roads: A Dining Room With A View...‘Napa of Oyster Making’ (Rewind: Beauty and the Bivalve
-Western Virginia: Taking a bite of Jefferson’s culinary vision...Sugar Sweet, Mountain High...Lexington’s Red Hen 

Roanoke sword enthusiasts collect, study, fight
Skydiver listed in serious condition at U.Va.
Michael Vick football camp lineup expands -- now includes Adrian Peterson, Donovan McNabb and Bruce Smith 
Snooki Brings Fist Pumps, Poofs to JMU

Official site of the CW show High Society (March 10, 2010 | 9:30 PM) | Blog | Message Boards | Wikipedia
-The Complete Character Breakdown
-Is 'High Society' the New 'Jersey Shore'? Tinsley Mortimer Weighs In... says her new reality show, CW's 'High Society,' is 'real' | Futon Critic Interview
-AV Club | ivillage | Newsday | NY Daily News | NY Magazine | OK! | People | | Reality TV World | Reuters | Socialite Life | Times Dispatch | Variety
Tinsley Mortimer Reality Show ‘High Society’ Causes Stir Among Socialites...Premiere Recap
Tinsley Mortimer dissed by in-law Minnie
Never Too Many Fans 
Tinsley's Turbulent Year
Blue bloods boiling over Tinsley Mortimer and Devorah Rose's reality-TV 'feud' (Photo Spread)... co-star, Jules Kirby, not happy with reality show
Mom Is the Most Interesting Thing About Tinsley Mortimer's Reality Show
Rich People Things: The Skirt Locker
TV Show Features Rich Blonde Lady Who 'Uses the N-Word Sometimes'
Are Light-Fingered Socialites Stealing Tinsley's Thunder? 

Rewind: NY Times WEDDINGS; Tinsley Mercer, Topper Mortimer

Martin's announces plans to upgrade 25 stores in greater Richmond and Williamsburg...Ukrop’s stores to be closed for one week...Transition likely to start in April
-CBS6 | Virginia Business
--Local firms hired to help Ukrop’s morph into Martin’s
MARTIN'S to Continue Ukrop's Program
Ukrop’s buyer keeps coffee roaster counting beans  
Chain passes up chance to buy Roanoke Ukrop's
Ukrop's sale costing area Supervalu jobs
Carytown also loves Girl Scouts  

Virginia lawmakers clash over fishing license bill
Army leaders visit Civil War battle site at Cold Harbor to learn lessons for future
D'Angelo Arrested For Soliciting Female Police Officer: Singer reportedly offered undercover police woman $40 for sex. 
-New Embarrassing D'Angelo Arrest Outdoes Previous Embarrassing D'Angelo Arrest 
-Official Statement
-NBC12 | BBC
After Arrest, D’Angelo Goes Back to Work 

Now two Virginia Beach locals grace 'Grey's Anatomy'
Governor: Va. will be a film capitol...Legislators agree on movie-friendly bill 
This Week in Food 
The Review Lady: First Impression of Richmond Restaurants
The Secret to Perfect Bread 

Hard work keeps fledgling pizzeria going in Henrico
Boathouse Launches New Menu (Jimmy Sneed)
Stuzzi's Oven Sneak Peak  

Restaurateur’s death engulfs Northern Neck community 
Charlottesville Says Goodbye To Two Of Our Best (Ten and Blue Light chefs) 
Growing a more local garden
RGL's Restaurant Page

What's in a name? Cape Hatteras
Old Dominion Wins Instant Classic Over VCU, 73-69 In OT
Sharing the Ball, at Any Speed (UR Basketball)
Tribe believes in concept of all for one 

SXSW 2010: Smoke or Fire
Navy dogs in 'deplorable' conditions with contractor
Harp seal seen off of beach in Newport News
For 10 years, Mal's dog sniffed out the silver screen

Legal feud erupts over location of memorial to Confederate dead
Style Cover: Wings Over the James 

Three decades ago, bald eagles were all but extinct on the James River. 
Third and final egg hatches in bald eagle nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden 
Bank makes play to take over golf course
First Fridays Art Walk expanding east  |
The financially strapped Art6 nearly shut its doors for good last month

Henry Rollins Speaks to Richmond | Style Weekly 
Henry Rollins's Frequent Flyer Tour stops at Birchmere
Q&A with Henry Rollins 

picture source: AOL

Mr. Ponch Goes to Richmond
-Erik Estrada visits Virginia Capitol to lobby for police funding
-NBCWashington | Roanoke Times/Virginian-Pilot | Style Weekly | Times Dispatch
First Newton, now Estrada


source: King Family Vineyards
Wine expo draws thousands to downtown Richmond
...Pushing an industry forward at the Virginia Wine Expo...This year's Virginia expo turns up some surprises
-King Family vintage wins Governor’s Cup for red wine

Elvis Has Left the Mosque
Hoops and dreams
Richmond’s Curtis Blair Now An NBA Referee
The local skate scene= legit.
Dude, where's the skate park? 
The Gilbert Crockett Interview

Tech, Green, Media

Action Items:
-Join the Google Fiber Coalition
-Follow on Twitter | Facebook
-Next steps for our experimental fiber network
-Full Google Fiber Coverage

Eco-savvy efforts challenge Richmond’s button-down image
Va. to expand broadband Internet service for state and local agencies
The next step for “social communities”
State nursery offering seedlings

Navy brings new $2.3 billion submarine to life in Norfolk
...commissions submarine New Mexico
-Interactive: Tour Virginia-class attack submarine

Ben's Chili Bowl -- there'll be an app for that (Apps for Ben)...Local Developers Compete to Create App for Ben's Chili Bowl
Turing Award Honorees to Lecture at University of Virginia
Leonsis, Pollin estate reach agreement on price for Wizards
Old homes can still go green
Alec Ross, Digital Diplomat
Soldiers test waters of fly fishing at plant
Hot type: Lawrence McConnell, publisher of the Daily Progress, upbeat on newspaper biz
Auction block: Merrill petitions court for Minor’s art
Death of a fellow officer inspires new battering ram
State probes purchases by UMW IT chief
UVa Venture Summit aims to find funds for researchers...Panel Discussion “Windows on the Future”
-Students Woo Venture Capitalists At UVA

UVA Today: Ideas and Investors Will Meet at U.Va. Venture Summit March 25-26
| NBC29 | NewsplexDaily Press | Podcast 
What's next for venture capital?
-Press Release | Business Week | Wall Street Journal 

Summit on New Media and Change in Richmond | See Knight Commission: The Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy

Turning Gatekeepers on Their Heads  
Chesterfield lawmaker (Sam Nixon) picked as new VITA chief
-CBS6 | Northern Virginia Technology Council | Washington Post 

Vivek is Awesome
Richmond advertising firm wins lottery account
-Ad Week | Virginia Business

A woman’s place in the start-up...The Venture Forum's First Program for Women Entrepreneurs 
Robotics competition at VCU comes to a close
-Robots teach real-life skills
-New Horizons robotics team headed to nationals 
FIRST Robotics Competition Holds Annual Regional Challenge at VCU 
-FIRST Robotics Competition

2009 VPA News, Editorial & Photo Contest | Searchable Database (use search term "Richmond" to see local winners)
-Best-in-show awards Writing | AP
-Best-in-show awards Artwork
-Best-in-show awards Photography
Best-in-show awards Presentation
-Newspaper Sweepstakes Awards | AP
-Award for Journalistic Integrity and Community Service | AP 
-Editorial Leadership in the Community | AP
Chest Thumping
-Style Weekly wins 14 first-place awards at Virginia Press Association annual conference
-Times-Dispatch winners in Virginia Press Association competition...photographers win in state contest
-Chesterfield Observer wins big in VPA contest
-Progress-Index wins 23 state journalism awards
-The Culpeper Star-Exponent wins 26 awards in annual VPA contest
-Bristol Herald Courier takes home 19 statewide journalism awards at VPA banquet
-Daily Press wins state awards
-Daily Progress rakes in awards in press contest
-Danville Register & Bee brings home six VPA awards
-Score 24: Hook snares many journo prizes 
-News & Messenger takes top honors at awards ceremony
-The News Virginian captures top state honor
-Northern Virginia Daily wins 19th VPA Sweepstakes competition
-Pilot named best large newspaper in Virginia 
-Roanoke Times wins 30 VPA awards
-Tidewater News named state's best in contest
Writing Samples (Best in Show)
-Best in Show Daily writing: 
Washington Post (Cenziper/Stewart): Wasting Away: The Squandering of D.C.'s AIDS Dollars 
-Best in Show Non-daily writing: 
Loudoun Times-Mirror (Hager/Wagoner/Carlton/Smith): Leesburg's Longest Day 
-Best in Show Specialty writing: 
The Hook (Spencer): Flight 349 
-Best in Show Daily photography:
Washington Times (Calvert): Congo's Greatest Shame 
-Best in Show Specialty photography:
Style Weekly (Elmquist): Homeless Veteran Jeff Talley
-Award for Journalistic Integrity and Community Service:
Style Weekly for civic engagement (eg, Presidential Inauguration, VirginiaTalks, Gubernatorial Debate, etc) | Press Release

Courts, schools hit with 'sexting'
Effective Personal Branding & Social Media in your Business : #smcrva March 2010
-@shashib at #SMCRVA
-Social Media Swami Enlightens Richmond 

2 groups fume as Va. disputes EPA proposal
PixelOptics unveils electronic eyewear
Race for Google Fiber
-City to Apply for Google Fiber for Communities Project...Help bring Google Fiber to Richmond!...Richmond vies for high-speed internet test (Richmond: Googled and Going Green)...Richmond competing for Google’s ultra high speed broadband...Richmond pulls out stops for superfast Google network...GIGABIT 4 RVA? Hell YES!...Richmond pitches Google to locate super-speed test network here...Want Google Fiber in Richmond? We Need Your Help!...Google LOVES Richmond!...What Richmond has that Google wants
-1GbforRVA Campaign Video...City posts pitch to Google...1GbforRVA Video Strikes A Chord
-GigaRVA   | How Richmond Benefits From Broadband | Mayor's Office
"Metro" Richmond:
-Chesterfield:  Chesterfield County Applies For Google Fiber 
-Goochland: Official Site
-also Henrico, Caroline, Colonial Heights (links coming)

More Munis:
Va. Localities Seek Google Network Test Site
-Blacksburg: Official Site | Help bring Google fiber to Blacksburg...Boucher makes plans for telecom reform while ramping up re-election campaign...Blacksburg makes a pitch to Google 
-Charlottesville: Official Site (City of Charlottesville) | Charlottesville Applying For Google Fiber | Newsplex ...University considers joint application for Google Fiber...Care to help?
-Culpeper: Culpeper making a pitch for Google...What if we actually hit the Google jackpot?
-Danville: Danville hoping to be Google test market
-Fairfax: Official Site 
-Gloucester: Official Site | Gloucester looking to drum up support for high-speed Internet project 
-Hampton: Official Site | Hampton launches First to Fast campaign in a bid to lure Google...Localities vie to be part of Google fiber network 
-Martinsville: Official Site | Area competes for Google's system, network 
-Virginia Beach: Official Site 
-Baltimore: Mayor Rawlings-Blake Announces Baltimore City Google Team...Baltimore’s Google fiber fight could boost jobs...Pick me! Pick me!...Baltimore's sober-sided plug for speedier Google plug-in
-DC: D.C. wants Google's fiber network
-A different kind of company name 
Straight from Google

-Google Fiber for Communities
-Next steps for our experimental fiber network | Mashable 
-A different kind of company name 
National Stories:
-Al Franken Jokes, But Google Fiber Is No Laughing Matter | Mashable | Techcrunch
-The Race is On(line) for Google Fiber – How the Candidates are Faring in the Digital Space...FINAL REPORT
-Internet Project Sparks Stunts For Google's Attention...Hoping for Gift From Google? Go Jump in the Lake...Glowsticks! Flashmobs! Twistee Treats! An Icy Lake Jump!...Pleas for Google Fiber Rise as Deadline Nears
-Cities fight for Google Fiber ... whatever that is...Google's Fiber 'Experiment' Details Still Scant 
-You're not getting broadband...unless something drastic happens 

Online ads offer free rent in exchange for sex
-Housing agency files complaints about ads called discriminatory
-Craigslist’s sex-housing market takes a hit 

SunTrust Mortgage worker fired over e-mail
Society 2.0: Young Washington Checks In (Digitally)  perfect pitch | Times Dispatch
Velocity Micro Brings Core i7-980X Extreme Edition To Desktop Rigs
McDonnell now has control over VITA...signs emergency legislation overhauling VITA...Virginia Shakes Up IT Leadership Structure
-DC Tech Source

D.C. Companies Drive SXSW Conference With New iPhone App...iPhone and Android Developers Discuss Future of Apps Market 
FCC's broadband plan targets poor, rural areas
Entrepreneurs Talk Successful Startup Strategies at Lean Geek Smackdown
Va. Beach police create Web site for scam alerts
-Fraud Alerts

Turnout low for Appalachian Power hearing
A local developer sues a Web designer for defamation: The growing debate over free speech and the Internet...Web Site Libel, Round II 
Dave Matthews Believes Music Can Help Save Mountains
Businesses bidding farewell to outdated fluorescent lighting
Martinsville activist Mary Martin: Straight shooter or loose cannon?
The Medium -
Experts at Va. symposium see risks in uranium mining 
Media General backs investor’s nominee for board
Media General reports 6% drop in top executives' salaries 

The story of #bubbleswarm: Badges? We don’t need…
River pollution: Find out your home's impact
Chesterfield approves Dominion landfill | Chesterfield Observer
Why AOL May Just Abandon Bebo Rather Than Sell It
Environmentalists hit Richmond
Robocalls: Scammers try to steal from bank accounts
Creativity in #RVA, Wow! Now how to learn and act.
Virginia passes offshore drilling bills
CarMax Announces Twitter Contest Grand Prize Winner
Localities use technology, meetings for feedback on potential budget cuts
Online-teaching company plays role in school-reform package
Virginia Tech plans high tech international campus in India
Internships website sold
New fees to battle Internet crime
Goochland, Henrico rank high in government transparency online

McDonnell sends new economic development bills with Northrop Grumman in mind
Support for Northrop Grumman tax incentives waning in D.C. 

Gay rights enter debate over Northrop Grumman's HQ pick
-Are Anti-Gay Policies Bad for Business?
Northrop Grumman move raises stakes for DC, Maryland, Virginia leaders ...Battle lines forming over Northrop Grumman

Media General Registers Olympic Ad Boost
Aaron Gilchrist: News4 Anchor and Reporter
Should creativity be #RVA’s “new” history
Pod in the quad: How Albemarle students became palm readers

Shorty Award Winners Unveiled in New York City...Haitian radio host honored for 'tweeting' on quake |
Official Site/Results
-Winner in #culturalinstitution: @lewisginter...Lewis Ginter’s Tweet Poet Wins National Award...Getting Started with Your Social Media Program, A Few Tips & Links
-LiveStream Video
Richmond Catches Twitter Fever
Other Richmonders Nominated: 
-#advertising -- @madmain
-#travel -- @Flack4RIC  
-#brand -- @AustinPrime

New noise ordinance in Richmond causing online uproar
Morgan Stanley Taps Martin as Agency of Record | BrandWeek
Tylenol Moves Creative to Martin Agency 

NASA's citizen soldier: An engineer by day, Frank Batts commands a famous infantry division
Richmond Media Group to have new organizational structure
Wikipedia: The Next Generation
Cardagin Networks Raises $1 Million in Series A Financing
-Cardagin Networks 

@WxDan Channel Debuts on RVANews! (via

Tech Calendar